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Classic 500 gram Super beauty product restock quality top Pommery Mustard Moutarde in Meaux Crock Pottery Financial sales sale

Classic 500 gram Pommery Mustard Meaux Moutarde in Pottery Crock


Classic 500 gram Pommery Mustard Meaux Moutarde in Pottery Crock


Product description

Pommery Mustard from Meaux: amazingly smooth and tasty whole-grained mustard from Meaux.Mustard from Meaux has been served at the tables of French kings since 1632 and made by the Pommery family according to a closely guarded secret recipe since 1760.

Classic 500 gram Pommery Mustard Meaux Moutarde in Pottery Crock

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Charles H. Gay, Panorama of New London, Connecticut, ca. 1851, Daguerreotype, J. Paul Getty Museum, 84.XT.178

Luminous-Lint is used worldwide by curators, educators, photography students, photohistorians, collectors and photographers to better understand the many histories of photography.
Luminous-Lint uses 113,872 photographs from 3,813 different collections around the world to create detailed and well structured histories of photography. Details on 21,041 photographers, using 50,245 different names, are included on Luminous-Lint with examples whenever possible.
Luminous-Lint includes 1,032 distinct, but interlinked, histories of photography that are evolving on a regular basis The connections between photographs are critical to understanding and Luminous-Lint includes 12,990 visual indexes to assist.
Luminous-Lint helps curators with exhibition planning, displays difficult-to-find resources for those in education and encourages photographers to better understand their originality by placing it within a historical context. 
Luminous-Lint enhances your understanding of photography.
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Why those involved with photography love Luminous-Lint
"Luminous-Lint is unparalleled in its depth and quality of photo-historical content for photography curators, artists and photo-aficionados the world over." "Simply the most complete online source for information about the history of photography."
Goethe was too busy to write something...
CEO and owner, Curatorial Assistance, Pasadena
Photo-historian, photographer and author of numerous books on photography

"I like going back to Luminous-Lint because: it is an extremely well written and well documented site incorporating many photo collections, and highlighting special clusters within the field."

"Luminous-Lint is, in my experience, the most comprehensive history of photography resource on the internet, far surpassing what you‘d find in any one book. The level of detail in the research is astounding. I have yet to find a similar site that matches it."
Director, Huis Marseille Museum voor Fotografie
Boston College

"I refer to Luminous-Lint frequently to get a better and deeper visual understanding of photographic history; to look for new work and ideas. I also refer students - it is simply the most comprehensive and accessible database of its kind."

"I adore Luminous Lint because it is a reliable source for accurate information on subjects both mainstream and quirky in the world of photography. Also because it organizes knowledge in a non-linear fashion which encourages creative, out-of-the-box thinking."
Photographer and owner, Vision Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel
Curator of Photography, Cleveland Museum of Art

Some of the 1,032 histories of photography on Luminous-Lint 
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Erotica and nudes 
Experimental and manipulated photography 
Oceanography and underwater photography 
Spirit photography and paranormal manifestations 
Sports and pastimes 
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Saving time and improving your knowledge with Luminous-Lint
Are you a Curator? Do you work in Education? Is Photohistory what you love?
Luminous-Lint brings together photographs from thousands of public and private collections assisting in exhibition planning. We put people in contact who need to know each other. Whether planning a book, research article or a lecture Luminous-Lint brings together significant photographs and provides the lesser-known but connected ones. It encourages visual exploration and analysis No matter what theme a photohistorian is interested in Luminous-Lint provides texts, rare photographs, analysis and innovative ways of approaching the material
Is Collecting a passion? Are your Studies opening your mind? Can you improve your Photography?
For collectors who are passionate about photography we collaborate to show their collections and integrate their discoveries into the global histories of photography. From vernacular photography to film envelopes we have it all. Textbooks are expensive and can not possibly include the range of examples necessary to gain a thorough understanding of a topic. Luminous-Lint goes deeper frequently including all the illustrations from significant series accompanied by texts, footnotes and references. Luminous-Lint helps photographers place their own work with the broader historical context. It encourages the open-minded to examine their own originality and improve their work.

Luminous-Lint gives you the tools to understand
Themes, or genres, are at the core of Luminous-Lint as they bring together photographs, texts, footnotes, reading lists for further research, photographers worth investigating, online exhibitions and visual indexes to build increasingly coherent histories. These evolve everyday as fellow enthusiasts contribute new images and insights.
ASTRACT to ZOOS - A listing of the Themes for you to browse.
Many confusing terms are used within Photohistory as a shorthand to explain time periods, stylistic choices in subject matter and compositions and groupings of photographers based on significant exhibitions. Naturalism, Surrealism, New Topographics, Orientalism and many other styles and movements are explained with examples.
Fragments are the building blocks used to construct Themes. They are constantly under change as new images and information arrive in. Nothing is fixed and it is part of the core philosophy of Luminous-Lint that knowledge evolves. Hundreds of changes happen every day to these Fragments.
If you need to know what happened on a specific day or month of the year the Calendars are a useful guide. They highlight key events and the births and deaths of photographers.
Each of the significant techniques used in early photography are discussed in detail with examples. There are also Visual Indexes bringing together photographs created by the more obscure techniques.
These are a selection from the many resources on Luminous-Lint.
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Luminous-Lint encourages you to collaborate
Providing images from your collections Working on the biographies of photographers Tracking down pesky errors
The 113,872 images on Luminous-Lint include photographs, advertising, lithographs, engravings and a host of other items. Private collectors around the world constantly provide examples of difficult to locate items. 
If you have images to share get in touch as single photographs can be significant.
There are 21,041 photographers on Luminous-Lint and biographies constantly need improving. 
When you have knowledge to share on a photographer let me know.
There are many millions of facts on Luminous-Lint and errors do occur. 
When you spot an error or see something that needs attention send me the details and it will be fixed as quickly as possible. Thanks.
Don‘t be shy I‘m at: - Alan Griffiths (Founder of Luminous-Lint)

Luminous-Lint gives you the power to search global photohistory...
There are many variants and historical errors in the spelling of the names of photographers. The search on Luminous-Lint does the best it can to find the right one. Try John and see what you get. 
Try it! 

This is the most powerful of tools as it searches for Themes, Fragments, Online Exhibitions and Visual Indexes that match. Try talbot and see what you get. 
Try it! 

Need the address and contact details for a museum or gallery then this is the answer. Elsewhere on Luminous-Lint you can bring up listings for different cities. Try gallery and see what you get. 
Try it! 
The search tools on Luminous-Lint put you in control and return the information you require along with extraordinary photographs.
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